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Termites are the most commonly found pests almost everywhere. Firstly, they are attracted to all kinds of wood. For example – damp wood and dry wood. Secondly, termites cannot stand sunlight. Moreover, they usually die if exposed to sunlight and heat. For a good period of time. If you are suspecting termites at home. Your furniture might be damp. Hence, they must have developed mould inside them. Secondly, the garden’s damp soil attracts them.

Hence, save your home from such extensive damage. The first step towards termite pest control is to hire a reliable team of exterminators. At Pest Control Northcote, we have the best termite treatment plans in Northcote. Moreover, our termite control Northcote team includes experts and trained professionals. Hence, reduce the risk of termite damage by contacting us today. Call us today at our toll-free number 0342403230. Enjoy a termite-free home in no time. 

The different types of barriers we use to keep the termites away 

Termite barriers are a way of stopping the invasion of termites in your place. They are highly effective. As well as, they have longer effects of control on termites. There are usually three types of termite barriers – physical, chemical and timber protection barriers. 

  • Physical barriers for termites – A physical barrier is implemented around the perimeter of a building. We even install them on pipe openings. For example – polymer sheets membranes. Firstly these sheets have insecticides in them. Secondly, we even use foams, sealants and spraying for termites as barriers. Other possible physical barriers are mesh, metal caps, granite aggregates and others. Hence, our termite control Northcote team takes termite and pest control seriously. Therefore, we will make sure to install the best quality barriers on your premises. 
  • Chemical barriers for termites – Here, termite treatment chemicals are used to keep the termites away. They are positioned underneath the buildings to block the entrance of termites. Before installing any barrier a thorough termite inspection is done. This helps our termite exterminators to choose the important entrance spots. Firstly, any live termites spotted are treated. Secondly, termite protection barriers are installed to keep the rest of the termites away.
  • Timber protection barrier – Termiticides will keep the unaffected woods from getting termites. The main component used is deltamethrin and pyrethroids. So, if you want to protect your timber from damage, call us for an effective timber protection service. 

Hence, all of these three barriers work the best. Moreover, they are long-lasting. And have strong effects on termites. Our termite control Northcote services include the usage of the best quality chemicals and equipment. 

The step by step process we implement for the elimination of termites 

We use a 6 step procedure to deal with termites. This is an integrated way of termite removal that is highly effective. 

  • Inspection – Firstly, a thorough termite pest inspection is necessary. This helps in identifying the main termite spots of entrances. And also eliminates any infected wood and timber at your place. 
  • Installation of above-ground stations – Secondly, we install bait systems above the ground. Hence, the bait helps in attracting the termites. And it gets easier to catch them. 
  • Installation of termite monitoring stations – This is an integrated pest control method. It helps in identifying the leftover termite infestations. Hence, we install monitoring stations below the ground – at 10 to 20 feet of intervals.
  • Routine station monitoring and baiting – This helps the barriers work efficiently. And also allows the involvement of rebating. 
  • Confirmation of termite colony elimination – After the usage of all types of baits and barriers.
  • Regular routine station monitoring – Our job doesn’t end here. The barriers will keep doing their work. Whereas, our termite control Northcote team will regularly monitor the termite situation. Also, keep giving you updates about termite prevention

Hire us as the best termite control team in and around Northcote

Looking for a reliable termite control company in Northcote? We got your back. Our services are now available in and around Northcote. The team of termite control Northcote is doing its best to be available in your area. 

  • Hospitals and all types of clinics 
  • Hotels, motels, cafes and restaurants 
  • Residential societies and all homes in Northcote
  • Colleges, schools, coaching centres and other educational institutions 
  • All types of industrial places 
  • Malls, shopping centres and other commercial places.

What makes our termite treatment standout n Northcote 

  • Professionally trained individuals – by choosing us, you get access to professional termite control.
  • Timely delivery of services – We take our work seriously. Hence, we make sure to be in your area on time. 
  • Affordable pricing options – We have a variety of termites for wood control services. For example – white ant treatments, termite for dry wood. But all are available at pocket-friendly prices. 
  • Quality products and equipment – To make sure termites are eliminated from your property. We always use the best quality termiticides and barriers for the best results. 
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Which type of termites are the most dangerous and destructive? 

Formosan termites are known to be very aggressive and destructive. Moreover, just a single colony is enough to destroy wood.  

Are white ants and termites the same? 

White ants are just a substitute name for termites. Termites are white-bodied insects similar to ants which is why they are also known as white ants. 

Are our termite treatments safe for family and pets?

Yes, all the termite detection products and baits we use are toxic-free. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly. Therefore, choose our timber termite treatment freely. As our termite treatment cost is affordable as well. 

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